Aims & Objectives

AREA OF OPERATION:GOIF shall operate in Nigeria and globally to create awareness campaign against Maltreatment of orphans and widows, and to provide resources for the population concern. Also defending human rights and education.

MOTTO: Putting smile on faces of Orphans, widows and less privileged people (Total Change)

MISSION:Godwin Osung International Foundation empowers Orphans, children, widows, women, youths and less privileged educationally, health wise and in other ways we are a humanitarian organization.

WHO WE ARE:We are an alliance of organizers and advocates throughout Nigeria and Africa taking the work of peace building, supports and human right defense from the margins of society into the centers of national discourse and policy priorities.Our network includes volunteer grassroots teams in cities, towns, villages and countries in Africa and around the world.


· To train and teach youth on how to achieve their goals without violence(educational projects)

· To publish books in enhancing human potentials, thinking models, inter-religious dialogue and global peace

· Human right, health projects and international chaplaincy

· Crusades and outreaches globally

· To liaise with suitable organizations globally and government agencies in Nigeria and Africa to ensure justice on every African person

· Clean water campaign

· Establishing of orphans and widows centers in Nigeria, Africa and other continents where needs arise

· To educate them the value of their lives in our society and to integrate them to a better life.

· To ensure that they have a balanced food, they are covered, they have shelter and education, and that their rights are protected.

· To carry out medical mission, e.g. Hospitals, Clinics, and Maternity.

· To help to fight poverty, HIV/AIDS, malaria, malnutrition, child abuse, rape, crime, female genital mutilation, corruption and human assault and to unite the people, helping Governments in fighting poverty

· Campaign against Oil spillage

· Community and Economic Development Projects

· To hold International Conferences, Scholars, Seminars, and symposiums, and training people that will deal and strategize methods of pulling out inequality in our Country Nigeria, other Nations, and Continents.