Any organization without history must be questioned. In 2007 Bishop Osung was on a preaching tour in his home town of ORO in Eket Senatorial District, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria where he preached against orphans and widows maltreatment, calling on the church to arise against such vices. Little did he know that in the service were victims of such.

At the close of service, a widow came forward requesting to meet Bishop crying and explaining how the husband had died and had lots of landed properties and buildings but the relations of the late husband drove the widow away with Nine (9) children(orphans). This was quite provoking and Bishop did not have legal means of stepping into this issue at that time as well as help the family as all the nine orphans plus the mother were living in one single room. Also within the period, Bishop constantly had encounters in his dreams where children were abandoned in his building by people and will run away while Bishop will pick up the children and take care of them.

The totality of this gave birth to the founding of The Non-Governmental Organization. At the inception we carried the name “THE AFRICAN PROJECT" but the Nigeria Government through Corporate Affairs Commission denied us the name and the only name available was GODWIN OSUNG INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION.

This led us to register just to fulfill our humanitarian call and help!

Thank you for your kindness dear Partners